Urge State of Oregon to Turn Down Pipeline Through Our Wetlands and Waterways By ROGUE RIVERKEEPER

If permits – currently being considered by the Oregon Department of State Lands – are approved as part of the the Jordan Cove and Pacific Connector project, a 230-mile 36” pipeline would be constructed across the Klamath, Rogue, Umpqua, Coquille and Coos watersheds to export fracked gas overseas. The installation of this pipeline would scar our watersheds by digging trenches straight across hundreds of waterways, damaging hundreds of acres of important wetlands, and resulting in millions of cubic yards of material being scooped up from the sensitive Coos Bay estuary. Locally the route would threaten salmon habitat in the Rogue itself, as well as in important feeder streams. – Read more HERE.

Take Action: Click HERE to write a letter to the Department of State Lands today! Urge them to use their authority to protect important salmon habitat in Rogue River from fossil fuel infrastructure by denying these permits.


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