HCA Senate Hearing (Feb 2) and Healthy Climate Bill Rally Day – Feb 3

Hair on Fire Oregon joined hundreds of Oregonians at the state Capitol last week demanding that legislators take action NOW on Climate.

Senator Edward’s held a hearing on Feb 2, in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and HOFO gave oral testimony along with Hannah Sohl (Rogue Climate) and Alan Journet (Southern Oregon Climate action Now) in strong support of SB1574, the Healthy Climate Act, each highlighting the urgent need to pass legislation (read HOFO’s testimony below.)

On February 3rd, HOFO was joined by more than 70 constituents from Southern Oregon and hundreds from across the state for a rally on the capital steps.  On hand were the Raging Grannies from Eugene and speakers and a spirited march around the capital drew attention from staff and legislators alike.  Following the rally more than 230 Oregonians paid visits to their legislators all asking that they pass the Healthy Climate Act.

HCA rally Salem 020316

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