DENIED! The Fight Against Jordan Cove Has Ended!!!

“The Commission denies Pacific Connector’s and Jordan Cove’s proposals.” – FERC March 11, 2016

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, a.k.a. FERC, rejected the Pacific Connector/Jordan Cove permit request today. This is the first such proposal ever rejected by FERC. It is a tribute to the passion of local anti-pipeline activists like Deb Evans, Hannah Sohl, Rogue Riverkeepers and many more. This will make national news.

Local activists marched the length of the pipeline, enlisted local landowners, demonstrated in Salem, and filed numerous objections to plans submitted by subsidiaries of Veresen Inc., a Canadian corporation. Guess what? It worked. Frankly, no one can believe it.

Oregonians love the green forests and racing rivers of their state with a powerful passion. Today that passion proved stronger than the might of Canadian carbon moguls who attempted to slice a 36 inch gas pipeline through the Southern Cascades from the high desert to the Pacific.

The carbon industry had the home field advantage. The battle was fought in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, an agency that has never before rejected a pipeline permit.

Oregon’s irregular forces included a ragtag coalition of groups like, Rogue Riverkeepers and Rogue Climate. Mentioned in the FERC decision are protests by Clam Diggers Association of Oregon, Coos Bay Oyster Company, Deborah Evans and Ronald Schaaf as individuals, Sierra Club and Waterkeeper Alliance.

The Pacific Connector pipeline and the associated Jordan Cove gas liquefaction plant were intended to supply Asian markets with fuel produced by fracking in the intermountain region from Colorado to Alberta. As a significant new source of greenhouse gas emissions, this venture would have rivaled the infamous Keystone XL tar sands export pipeline.

“I can’t even begin to say what a long haul this has been….9 years for us.  So many landowners can now, hopefully, carry on with their lives without the threat of eminent domain and a project  that would not only undermine their properties, livelihoods and dreams but would have jeopardized the future we want for our children. Climate change is the biggest threat humanity faces. We must do everything possible to curtail the use of fossil fuels and transition Oregon and the world to renewable energy starting now.  This is an incredible day and we are grateful to the unbelievable number of hours, blood, sweat and tears that have gone into asking for and now getting this denial.”

-Deb Evans, HOFO founder, Greensprings Landowner

HOFO Founder Deb Evans speaks against the Jordan Cove Project at a demonstration in Coos Bay last summer.

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