SOPTV special on LNG fight to air May 13th

On March 11, 2016, the same day the FERC issued their order on the Jordan Cove Project, four of of our No LNG contingent (Bob Barker, Bill Gow, Emmalyn Garrett and Jody McCaffree) were just getting ready to go into the studio in Ashland and tape the following show.  Jody reports that:  “It was really hard to do the show after just hearing the news that FERC had denied Jordan Cove because we were all so excited.  Looking forward to seeing how this turned out.”  The show is set to air on May 13, 2016. Here is link to the video preview.

More about the programming here.

Friday May 13, 6:00 & 8:30pm, on SOPTV

*NOTE:  IP repeats on SOPTV Thursdays at 10:30pm & Sundays at 4:30pm, and airs on OPBPlus (all of Oregon) Saturdays at 8:00am, 360 North (all of Alaska) Thursdays at 9:30pm, and KEET (Eureka, CA) Sundays at 12:00pm.


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